Noventiq Checkout Service

Noventiq Checkout offers you a flexible solution allowing you to connect checkout pages to your online store.

A checkout page allows you to perform a complete purchase order cycle:

  • Add products to the checkout page
  • Gather customer details
  • Process payments
  • Provide receipts
  • Deliver products to customers electronically

We use the Merchant of Record model: we sell your goods and services, process your end customers' transactions and take full responsibility for this.

You can quickly start selling by making the necessary settings through the Merchant Portal. Get more power with our APIs.

We use the Merchant of Record model: we sell your goods and services, process your end customers' transactions and take full responsibility for this.

When using this model:

  • Your customers go to your website or use an app to access your products. They get redirected to our end to make a purchase and make a payment
  • We receive payments for your goods, handle all payments and take on the liability related to each transaction. This includes collecting taxes, ensuring compliance with payment security standards, honoring refunds and chargebacks, etc

With us acting as a reseller, there are actually two transactions taking place during the sale:

  • Between the end customer and us when your product is purchased
  • Between us and you when a payout of your sales margin for a reporting period is made

After a transaction between the end customer and us is complete, we are the entity to which the end customer can turn in case of payment disputes and so on, since we made the sale.

  • (Preliminary stage) You receive checkout links and place them on your website. They allow adding products to a checkout page. There are two ways to get these links:
    • Create all products on our end
      In this case, a separate permanent checkout link is created per product
      You can use the Merchant Portal or the Products API
    • Keep a product catalog on your end
      In this case, using the Dynamic Product Checkout API, you generate a checkout link when the customer wants to add a product to a checkout page. To add the product, you have to transfer its properties in the request to the API.
  • The link redirects the customer, and the selected product is added to the checkout page
  • The customer performs additional actions required for the sale on the checkout page:
    • Checks order items and modifies them if necessary (edits quantity, removes products)
    • Enter required personal data
    • Selects a payment method
    • Provides consent to the Sales Terms and Conditions and the Processing of Personal Data, if required
  • The customer pays for their order
  • The customer receives the products purchased
  • You receive a margin payout for a reporting period

More details on the purchase order process.

In addition, you can use additional scenarios to sell renewals automatically.

Checkout Pages

  • No coding is required to create a checkout page. You need to register on the portal and the system creates your checkout page automatically
  • Your checkout page is hosted entirely on our end. There is no need for you to deploy the code on your server, keep it up to date, manage the order-processing database, handle its load or monitor the transaction security
  • You can customize the checkout page display. You can change your domain name, modify your logo. The layout is optimized for desktop and mobile devices. You can also modify the texts of your checkout page
  • Use a checkout page to sell your products through the catalog on your website or embed the checkout page in your app
  • The checkout page interface can be displayed in different languages
  • The customer can pay for their orders in any currency using international and local payment methods. Moreover, the system considers taxation peculiarities of the customer's country automatically.
  • You can flexibly manage product prices:
    • Set prices using a single currency or set a separate price per checkout currency
    • Set quantity based prices
    • Sell renewals using a separate price per renewal; add a free trial period
  • There are several options for your customers to paying for their products: one-time payment, recurring payments (when selling subscription renewals), and installment payments (country dependent)
  • You get full information about order events through webhooks
  • Use any of our order fulfillment tools that suits you best

Use any of the tools to increase your sales:

  • Provide your customers with product discounts
  • Offer your customers to purchase additional products
  • Provide your customers with special offers before and after they pay for their orders.

More details on the tools.

  • Monitor your sales performance using the reports that we provide to you in tables, graphs and charts
  • Compare the data received by period or by product type

More details on the feature.

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