Products are goods or services. You sell them through the checkout page. 

The easiest way to start selling is to add products to the catalog on our end using the portal.
You can create, edit, and delete products through the portal. 
If your product has several versions (e.g, basic/essential and premium), you have to create them as separate products.

Through the portal, you can set up:

  • Product properties to display in the cart on the checkout page.
    Product title, photo (image), description.
  • Product prices.
    You have several options to determine a price. You can set the price in accordance to product quantity in an order. In addition, the price can depend on a currency at checkout.
  • Restrictions on sale of products.
  • Subscriptions to automatic payment for renewals.
    It is available for products having limited validity. More details on how subscriptions work.
  • Free trial periods.
    The option extends the ability to sell subscriptions. A trial period enables customers to acquire a product free of charge and pay for the product only after the trial period expires. The payment for the product after the trial period expires and further recurring payments for renewals thereafter are executed automatically. More details on how subscriptions with trial periods work.

You can also use the Products API for advanced product management.

If you do not want to publish your products on our end, we can offer you the Dynamic Product Checkout API. This service allows you to generate product buy links. You send product data in the request. You do not have to set up each product separately on our end.