Payouts for Sales Made via Noventiq Checkout

Sales made through the Noventiq Checkout allow you to receive margin payouts. Your margin consists of the amounts customers pay for orders minus the distributor's discount amounts (i.e. Noventiq fees) and taxes.

Payout peculiarities:

  • The Noventiq fees are determined in accordance with your Agreement.
  • The payouts are tax-exclusive. They also exclude any sales taxes or value added taxes, if applicable. We pay all applicable tariffs, duties and taxes, except for the taxes collected from your margin.
  • The payout currency is set in your Agreement when activating the sales mode. If the checkout currency differs from the payout currency, the amount of each order is converted at the exchange rate valid for the date when these orders become paid. You pay the conversion fee at your own expense.
  • The fees banks charge for transferring your payouts to your account are paid as follows:
    • We pay our bank’s transfer fee at our own expense.
    • You pay your bank’s transfer fee and correspondent bank fee are at your own expense.
  • In addition, you pay the chargeback fee for all the disputed order charges fulfilled within a reporting period, if your agreement allows for it.

By default, we make a payout within a calendar month. 

Report Generated

When a reporting period ends, we generate and send you a monthly report within 20 calendar days. The report contains the data concerning the period ended. The report includes the information about the goods sold, the amounts of your margin and our fee.

We send the report to the email address you provide while activating your sales. If you want to change the address, please contact our support.

Report Receipt Confirmed

You receive the report. You must confirm its receipt and accuracy. To confirm, generate a payment invoice and send it in response to the email containing the report. We execute a payout against the invoice you send.

Payout Received

The minimum payout amount equals to 100 USD. When the amount of your margin reaches the minimum payout amount, we transfer it to you within 3 to 15 days from the moment you confirm the report receipt. Otherwise, we shift the payout to the next reporting period, until the total margin value reaches the minimum payout amount.

Please note that in practice you may receive your payout later than in 15 days after your report receipt confirmation. It depends on how long a bank-to-bank transfer may take.