Languages (locales)

The UI of your checkout page supports multiple languages.

You can:

  • Localize your products in the catalog, for example, using the Products API.
  • Localize your checkout page UI. To change the languages enabled, contact our support team.
  • Change the language of your checkout page using the parameter in the checkout link.
  • Allow the customer to change the language of your checkout page using the switch. To enable/disable the display of this switch, contact our support team.
Language Code
English en_EN

The additional languages can be enabled on your request. Write to  to find out the conditions of the enablement.



Chinese zh_CN
Chinese (Taiwan) zh_TW
Czech cs_CZ
French fr_FR
German de_DE
Hungarian hu_HU
Italian it_IT
Korean ko_KR
Polish pl_PL
Portuguese pt_PT
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_BR
Romanian ro_RO
Russian ru_RU
Russian (Kazakhstan) ru_KZ
Russian (Ukraine) ru_UA
Slovak sk_SK
Spanish es_ES
Spanish (Argentina) es_AR
Spanish (Chile) es_CL
Spanish (Colombia) es_CO
Spanish (Mexico) es_MX
Spanish (Peru) es_PE
Thai th_TH
Turkish tr_TR
Ukrainian uk_UA
Vietnamese vi_VN

NOTE: Some of the languages are present several times in the table. It means that translation can be made not only into each of these languages. In addition, the same language can be localized for different countries.

If you want to enable any language that is not currently available in the list, write to .

For some of the languages that have individual language versions in several countries, we may use an additional translation option on our end. This option is used if no text in the language of a specific country is set.

You can see the codes of these languages in our API responses, e.g. in the Product API when transferring localized product data.


Language Code

Use Case



If there is no value for language en_EN



If there is no value for languages es_ES / es_AR / es_CL / es_CO / es_MX / es_PE



If there is no value for languages pt_PT / pt_BR



If there is no value for languages ru_RU / ru_UA / ru_KZ

Two-letter codes are not used when selecting a checkout page interface language (only four-letter language codes are supported when selecting a language at checkout).