Get Started

General Steps

  • Before getting started, disable Test Mode (available after account activation) using the menu bar above.
  • Add products to our catalog and enter their prices. You can also use the Product API to manage products. If you do not want to manage the whole catalog on our end, you can use the capabilities of the Dynamic Product Checkout API.
  • Set up order fulfillment.
  • Get checkout links for your products and provide your customers with them. For example, you can embed the links into your catalog. The links will allow customers to purchase your products.

Completing these steps will allow you to redirect your customers from your website to the checkout page hosted on our end.

You can also:

  • Enable additional interface languages.
  • Modify supported currencies.
  • Connect local payment methods.
  • Use other features. More details on the Noventiq Checkout documentation.

You have to contact our support team to configure all these settings.