Set Up Checkout Page

A default checkout page has a ready-to-use multi-language interface.

However, you can contact our support team and request to customize the following:

  • Design (logo, favicon)
    Requirements for logos: image must contrast against the background of a checkout page, image height must not exceed 25px, supported formats: png, jpg
  • Interface languages
  • Texts of interface elements, help pages, and consent
  • Install your own GTM container and use it to set up your own performance counters to collect statistics
  • Add an additional consent string (optional)
    You can use it, for example, if you want to subscribe the customer to the newsletters sent form your end. You can find out whether the customer gives their consent or not via the webhooks or the Order API (additional order parameters).
  • Price display format. You can also enable the option to show prices in the "per month" format
  • Default settings of checkout page elements:
    • Display / hide the price per unit. Displayed by default
    • Enable / disable the consent to auto-renewable subscriptions. Enabled by default
    • Display / hide the promotion code (coupon) activation form. Displayed by default
    • Display / hide the customer order comments field. Hidden by default
    • Customer type (Individuals/Companies). Default: Individuals
    • Display / hide the option to transfer purchases to other persons. Displayed by default
    • Display / hide the license information on the paid order page. Hidden by default. 
      License information is available for display if you use the Noventiq automatic fulfillment tools (electronic delivery option) to send license information, and the license information has already been sent, and the data has been saved in Noventiq.

The list is not full. Please contact our support team if you have any requests for customization of your chekout pages.

You can also:

  • Hide the Product Quantity field on your checkout page. It is possible when managing products through the Products API