Checkout Page

A checkout page is a website page deployed in Noventiq. The checkout page allows customers to place orders for your products, enter their personal data, pay for their orders and fulfill the whole checkout process.

How checkout pages works:

  • You publish checkout links for purchasing your products on your end. The links lead to our checkout page.
    Products are any goods or services you sell.
  • When following the checkout links, customers can place orders for products and pay for them. 

You can use a checkout page on your website or embed it into your app. The checkout page layout is optimized for the latest versions of browsers on desktop and mobile devices.

A checkout process is a series of steps.

The customer is redirected to this page after they click on one of the checkout links you published on your end.

There are some additional options available on the checkout page. The customer can:

These options depend on the settings made to the checkout page and its products.

In this step, the customer must enter the data required to comply their order. 

The fields displayed to the customer depend on the customer type (Individuals or Companies) and the checkout currency. 

If necessary, the customer can appoint a different person as the owner of the product purchased. In this case, the customer must provide the required data for both of the data blocks: themselves and the other owner of the product.

In addition, the customer must select one of the payment methods.

In this step, the customer must pay for the order. The payment form display depends on the payment method selected.

When the order becomes paid, the order page opens to the customer.

The order page provides the following order details:

  • Products ordered.
  • (OptionalThank You Page Offer (TYPO) to purchase additional products.
  • (Optional) License information – displayed if the purchased product exploits the Noventiq automatic fulfillment tools (electronic delivery option), and the license information of the product has already been sent and the data has been saved in Noventiq.
  • (Optional) Subscription management controls - displayed if the customer agrees to an auto-renewable subscription during order placement.

The checkout page display is supported by current versions of most modern browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Yandex Browser, Atom, etc. (Internet Explorer is not supported).

The checkout page layout is optimized for various screen resolutions. It is displayed correctly on desktop and mobile devices.