Order Fulfillment

After the customer pays for an order, you need to send the products of this order to the customer. 
Your products may require electronic delivery or physical shipment.

Electronic delivery means that products are delivered to customers in a digital form, for example, as:

  • Activation keys/codes
  • Download links
  • Informational emails
  • Files

To fulfill an order, you can:

Automatic product fulfillment (automatic product sending) is only possible for the products that require electronic delivery via emails.

How it works:

  • The customer successfully pays for their order
  • We automatically get a license via one of the methods (see further)
  • Next, the license will be:
    • Saved into the order (this can be re-sent to the customer if necessary)
    • Sent to the customer by email
    • (Optional) Shown to the customer on the order page
  • On our end, the system executes standard processing of successful order fulfillment

Possible license generation methods:

  • Web service – using this method, after successful order payment, we make a request to the web service on your end; you generate a license and return it in response to the request
  • Pre-filled list of licenses (pool) – using this method, you provide us with a pool of licenses in advance, which we store on our end. After successful order payment, we send a license from this pool to the customer. You must replenish the pool of licenses in time. This is a legacy method as it requires you to manage your license pool manually. However, you can use it, for example, while developing a different solution
  • Sending informational emails – using this method, after successful order payment, only an email is sent to the customer (contains no individual license). This method is suitable if you need to send the same information to all customers of a specific product to complete an order. For example, it is useful when you want to request some additional information required to complete an order, or notify that an order has been placed and a license will be sent soon, or send the customer a link to access their personal account on your end

How it works:

If you send products to customers yourself, but not in response to the emails requesting keys, we do not receive any confirmation of order fulfillment. Thus, we are unable to assign the additional Delivered status to such orders. They remain having the following statuses: Paid and Not Delivered.

All the order data and the customer data that you may need to generate a license are contained in the webhook (customer). In addition, you can get order details using the Orders API and the ESupport portal designed to provide you with technical support.