Self-Reliant Order Fulfillment on Your End

After the customer pays for an order, you need to send the products of this order to the customer:

  • The customer executes a successful payment.
  • You receive a webhook. on the event (order.payment.succeeded). It notifies you of the event (order.payment.succeeded). When received, check the signature of the webhook to make sure we sent it.
  • If the product exploits electronic delivery, but our automatic fulfillment tools are not enabled for it, you also receive the email containing the license key request.
  • You send the required license information in response to the email containing the license key request.
  • Our system automatically saves the license information and sends it to the customer, as well as changes the additional status of the order to Delivered.
  • You send the product to the customer.
    All the customer data is contained in the webhook received (customer).
    Moreover, you can get the order data using the Order API and the ESupport portal.

If you send products to customers yourself, but not in response to the emails requesting keys, we do not receive any confirmation of order fulfillment. Thus, we are unable to assign the additional Delivered status to such orders. They remain having the following statuses: Paid and Not Delivered.

You can obtain order data and customer data via:

If your product uses electronic delivery of its license information to customers, but automatic sending via emails is not set up for it on our end, you receive an email after the order for the product becomes paid. This email contains a request for a license key.

The email includes:

  • Order details.
  • The recommendation to send license information to the specific email to be automatically processed.

The license information sent to this specific email is:

  • In a text format of a file format.
  • Saved in orders on our end.
    We may use the data to display license information to customers on the order page, or resend it if customers contact our support team.
  • Automatically sent to customers. Moreover, the additional order status is changed to Delivered on our end. This status indicates order fulfillment.

Follow the instructions in the email to use this capability.