Order Statuses

During processing, orders can have the following statuses:

  • Not paid - this status is assigned to an order immediately after its creation. To create an order, the customer must add a product to the shopping cart on the checkout page, enter their personal data required, select one of the payment methods, confirm their consent to the terms and conditions of sale and the processing of their personal data and click the Continue button.
  • Paid - this status is assigned after successful order payment. An order remains Not paid, if an error occurs during order payment processing.
  • Deleted - this status is assigned in the following cases:
    • Unpaid order cancelled - customers can cancel their order by sending a request to the support team. In addition, automatic cancellation is executed if an order remains unpaid within 90 days from the date of its creation.
    • Order fully refunded - customers can request their paid orders to be refunded by contacting the support team or by disputing order charges (Chargeback). Each case is decided individually. If all items of an order are refunded, the order changes its status to Deleted. If an order contains any items that have not been refunded, the order continues having the Paid status.
    • Order item replaced - customers can request product replacement in their paid orders. Each case is decided individually. During the process, a full order refund can be executed, and a new order for replacement items is created.
  • Terminated - technical status assigned, for example, to deleted test orders. Such orders are not exported to reports, statistics, etc.

Subscription Statuses

If an order contains a renewal subscription, the subscription has statuses of its own.

Order Fulfillment Statuses

This is an additional status to the main one. You can find it in the ESupport portal.

  • Not delivered (no order fulfillment) - this order status is assigned to orders immediately after they are created. 
  • Delivered (order fulfillment) - this status is assigned to orders after all products are sent to the customer.

The order status changes from Not delivered to Delivered only if you use Noventiq automatic order fulfillment tools or you send license information to customers via the specific email address, and the information on the event is saved on our end. If you execute self-reliant product sending, we receive no information about this on our end, and the order status remains Not delivered.

Additional Statuses

These are additional statuses to the main ones. You can find them in the ESupport portal.

  • Additional payment on the order – extra order payment has been made
  • Replacement with additional payment - product replacement and extra order payment have been made.
  • Replacement of the product - product replacement have been made.
  • Refund – full order refund has been made.
  • Partial refund - partial order refund has been made.
  • Replacement with refund - product replacement and order refund have been made.
  • Auto-renewal refund - subscription order has been refunded; that also includes the test deposit spent to bind the payment instrument for products with free trial periods.

In addition, the portal can display a processing status of a refund request:

  • Refund request has been sent
  • Refund info is being updated
  • Request has been completed
  • Refusal to refund