Automatic Fulfillment via Pre-Filled List of Licenses

A pre-filled list of licenses is a method to generate licenses required for product fulfillment (electronic delivery of a product to customers).

How it works:

  • First, you add licenses for your products to the storage on our end (pool)
  • The customer pays for their order
  • The system automatically initiates the acquisition of a license for the products of the order from the storage
  • The licenses received are sent to the customer's email (an individual email is sent for each product)


  • License format: text
    If a license is a file, it must be saved on your end and be available via a link. As a license, you transfer the link to the file

How it works

  • Preliminary actions:
    • First, you generate product licenses and provide us with them
    • We upload your licenses to the storage on our end (pool)
  • The customer successfully pays for their order
  • We get a license from the pool
  • Next, the license will be:
    • Saved into the order (this can be re-sent to the customer if necessary)
    • Sent to the customer by email
    • (Optional) Shown to the customer on the order page
  • On our end, the system executes standard processing of successful order fulfillment
  • The license quantity to be sent if several units of the same product are ordered:
    • One license regardless of the number of units of the same product in an order
    • Individual license for each unit of the same product in an order
  • The email containing a license - you can customize the text that allows you to insert licenses into the email sent to the customer
    How to set up:
    • Make sure to use tag {KEY} in the text - licenses received from the pool substitute for the tag
    • You can use additional substitution tags to add order/product/customer data
    • Note that the text you provide will be added into the email template containing our greeting, signature and order details, so you do not need to include this data into the section with a license. See an email example. If you want to edit any parts of the template that are managed on our end, contact our support team
    You can also customize the text of this email via the Product API after the pool has been set up
  • The email notification that the pool is running out of your licenses - you will be notified if there are less than N licenses left in the storage on our end

Connecting a pool to products depends on how these products are managed:

  • Merchant Portal – set up fulfillment through the Merchant Portal; you can set up one common pool for all your products
  • Product API – contact our support team to set up fulfillment; you can set up an individual pool for each checkout currency
  • Dynamic Product Checkout API:
    • If an original product is created through the Merchant Portal, set up fulfillment through the Merchant Portal too (standard method)
    • Otherwise, contact our support team

Other methods to manage products - contact our support team to set up fulfillment.

To add licenses to the storage on our end, you must contact our support team.

Each license must be a string of text.

You can provide licenses as .txt files. Each license must occupy an individual string.

You can test license fulfillment executed via the pool by making a purchase through your checkout page.

This process is the same as when making a purchase to test the web service.