Test Environment (demoslweb.com)

You can use the test environment to test your checkout page and the API.

You have access to all the features of the Noventiq Checkout service. However, the test environment does not provide access to some of the capabilities: you cannot process true payments or receive payouts. The test environment also allows you to:

  • Use all the capabilities of the Merchant Portal (create products, leverage promotions, connect webhooks, etc.)
  • Add created products to a test checkout page.
  • Create orders.
  • Pay for orders using the test payment instruments.

The links leading to the resources of the test environment have the following suffix: .demoslweb.com.

The test environment and the production environment work independently of one another. You cannot migrate product data, order data or any other settings between the environments.

You get access to the test environment immediately after you have registered on the Merchant Portal. The system automatically creates a checkout page for you in the test environment. The checkout page has default settings.

To add a product to a checkout page in the test environment, you have to follow the checkout link set for the product.

Note that you have to create separate products for the test environment and the production environment. The IDs of the products you create for the test environment do not match the products in the production environment.

Use one of the following tools:

When working with checkout pages in the test environment, you have access to all the features available to checkout pages in Sales Mode, except for making real payments.

To create an order:

  • Add a product to your checkout page using the checkout link obtained in the previous step - No authorization is required for using checkout pages in the test environment
  • Enter customer data
  • Select a payment method
  • Confirm the creation of the order

If you want to test how order payments are processed, you can use test payment instruments.

Payment by real money is not available in the test environment.

After you make a test payment for an order, it will be processed as if the payment is real - i.e. order status will change, order delivery will be processed(in accordance with the configuration), a subscription will be created (if the product has a subscription), emails are sent, etc.

To test how subscriptions (AR, AR Trial, PMR) work:

  • Create an order for the product that is the initiator of the subscription type you require
  • Pay for it using the payment method that supports subscription payments (AR and AR Trial subscriptions require support for automatic payment)

Next, you can contact our support team, instantly initiate the creation of a renewal order and its payment.

After paying for an order in the test environment, you will receive an email with a request for license information. More details on this delivery method.

This method is processed the same way as in the production environment.

Using the ESupport portal, you can view the orders placed through a test checkout page.

If you are using the Merchant Portal, first enable the test mode, then go to the ESupport portal.

If you do not use the Merchant Portal, then to go to the ESupport portal in the test mode, use the following link:  https://esupport.ecommerce.noventiq.com.demoslweb.com/login.

To access the API:

  • If you are using the Merchant Portal, then use section API Keys and create accounts allowing you to work with the API in the test environment
  • Otherwise, contact our support team to set up a connection

To interact with the API in the test environment, add .demoslweb.com. to the domain URL of the production environment.


  • Production environment: https://api.ecommerce.noventiq.com/v1/login_check
  • Test environment: https://api.ecommerce.noventiq.com.demoslweb.com/v1/login_check

You can also use the request collections in Postman to test the API. You can find the links to the collections in the documentation sections on the corresponding APIs.

When using the test environment:

  • No additional authorization is required. Use only the authorization that is provided for you to access the API.
  • If the response to your request contains a link to any resource located on our end (e.g., a product image, a checkout page, an order page, a payment form), then this link is supposed to be used in the test environment; i.e. all links in responses to requests will contain the .demoslweb.com. suffix.