Get Checkout Links

A checkout link allows customers to open the chekout page to add products to the shopping cart.

  • After a product object has been created, you see a checkout link on the product management page. This is a basic link format. It allows adding the minimum quantity of the product to the checkout page
  • Provide checkout links to your end customers to start using the checkout page

Checkout links also allow you to:

  • Add several products to the checkout page using the same link
  • Set the quantity of the product to be added to the checkout page
  • Manage the default state of the checkbox provided for obtaining end customers' consent to auto-renewing of their subscriptions
  • Set the currency to be selected on the checkout page
  • Activate promotion codes automatically
  • Transfer referrers – they are not displayed to customers but saved when creating an order
  • Delete products from the checkout page before adding new ones

These and other capabilities are available when using the additional GET parameters in a checkout link.

You can:

To get started, you have to:

  • Open the Merchant Portal and log in to it
  • Go to Products / Checkout links
  • Click Create link

The page where links are created consists of two parts:

  • Left-hand side - you can set up the properties of your link
  • Right-hand side - you can preview your link and copy it

To create a link:

  • Set up the properties of the link on the left-hand side of the page
  • Check if the link works via the preview on the right-hand side of the page
  • (Optional) Save the link by clicking Save
    This is an optional action, because you can copy your link from the preview window. You can start using the link without saving it first
  • Copy the link and provide it to your end customers

Use the form on the left-hand side of the page to set up the properties of your link.

Set the title of the link in the Name field.

This title is not displayed to your customers. Use it to sort checkout links and find a required link in the portal later.

The title length of a checkout link must not exceed 255 characters.

If you require the checkout page to be emptied before the customer follows a checkout link, and the products set up for the link to be added only after pre-emptying the checkout page, you have to enable the following option: Empty customer's cart first.

Set up the products you want to be added to the checkout page when following your checkout link. Set up the properties of these products.

To do this, select one or more products in the following section: Products. Set up the properties for the selected:

  • To find a product faster, enter its title and subtitle in the drop-down selection field.
  • If you want several products to be added to the checkout page via one checkout link, use the Add product button to add additional products.
  • Note that only the products having at least one common currency at checkout can be added via one link (the rest products remain hidden from the selection field). 

After you have selected the required product, you can set its properties for the link:

  • Quantity - product quantity. This quantity is to be added to the checkout page via the link.
    • Note that the product quantity set in the link must be available for sale. If in the product itself you have already set up that only 1 to 5 units of this product can be purchased, it becomes impossible to add 10 units to the checkout page via the link.
    • If you do not enter any value into this field, the minimum available quantity of the product is added to the checkout page.
  • Auto-renewal – consent to auto-renewals. This option enables or disables consent to subscription auto-renewal.
    • This option is only available for auto-renewable products and affects the default state of the consent checkbox
    • The customer will be able to disable the option manually on the checkout page

Set up the parameters to localize your checkout page. These parameters are in the Localization block:

  • Order currency - default checkout page currency
    • The list shows only the currencies that are available for all the products added to the link
    • Note that the customer will be able to change the selected currency manually
    • If no currency is selected, the default checkout page settings are used

Change product prices on checkout pages using automatic activation of promotion codes.

In Custom prices, select a promotion, then select one of the promotion codes you want to be activated:

  • In the Promotion field – select a promotion to apply it to the products on the checkout page:
    • To find a promotion faster, enter its title in the drop-down selection field
    • Note, the list shows only the promotions that use the following option: a discount is provided if a promotion code is applied (promotion type is Promotion codes). The promotions of type Discount are applied to products automatically and cannot be managed through checkout links. 
  • After you have selected the required promotion, you can select a promotion code to apply to the products

When a promotion and a promotion code are selected, their applicability to the products added to the checkout link is not checked. After clicking the link, the promotion code is applied to those products on the checkout page for which it is available according to the promotion configurations.

Add additional informational parameters (referrers) to the link via the Tracking block.

This data is not displayed to your end customers on the order page (though visible in the checkout link URL). It is saved into the order. You can get the data later, for example, through the API. More details on how to use this data. Please note that the time for storing additional parameters in orders is limited.

Checkout link settings:

  • You can add up to 6 referrers
  • Referrer value must not exceed 255 characters

Saving a checkout link is not mandatory.

Use this option to:

  • Return to editing the link parameters
  • Be able to quickly copy the link and send it to your end customer

Note that all the settings of a link are added to it as parameters. Saving the link with changed settings will not affect the links you have already sent to your end customers.

The maximum length of any saved link should not exceed 2000 characters. Otherwise, the Save button will become unavailable. If this happens, try to reduce the number of the settings used in your link. E.g., reduce its informational parameters via the Tracking block.