Fulfillment of Products Created via Products API

After the customer has paid for their order, you have to send the products from this order to the customer.

For the products managed via the Products API, you can use all electronic product fulfillment options. More details on the options available:

How to use with products created via the Product API:

  • For all products having the same checkout currency value, you can connect only one fulfillment option (same for all products)
  • The connection is executed on our end, so you have to contact our support team to set it up
  • When using automatic fulfillmen options, you can manage the text of the email that contains license information. The email is sent to the customer. More details
  • The bond between a product and a connected fulfillment option is updated every time you update the price of the product via the Product API or the Merchant Portal

The email sent to customers consists of several parts:

  • General information (greeting, order and contact details)
  • Text with a license

The general information of the email is the same for all products sold through the checkout page. It is configured on our end. Contact our support team if you want to modify this part.

The text with a license is the text containing the license received from a web service or a pool (or just the text sent when auto-sending of informational emails has been enabled for the products). You can:

  • Customize the default text (same for all products) by using the Merchant Portal (only for order fulfillment via web service) or by requesting it from our support team (for all order fulfillment methods)
  • Set individual text values using the Product API (license_data) for each product and interface language connected to the checkout page

How to fill in parameter license_data:

  • If the parameter is transferred, it must contain values for each language enabled in the checkout page
  • If you are using order fulfillment via a web service or a pool, make sure to add tag {KEY} to the text. When generating an email, a license received from your web service / pool will be substituted for it
  • You can use HTML tags and substitution tags in the text transferred
  • If you want to stop using individual texts containing license information (i.e. not to transfer them via the API) and return to the default text, contact our support team
Email Substitution Tags