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Noventiq Checkout is a flexible solution allowing you to quickly connect a checkout page to your online store using the Merchant of Record model and accept international payments from your customers. With Softine Checkout, you can:
  • Perform purchase order cycles: add products to the checkout page, gather customer details, process payments, provide receipts, and deliver products to customers electronically.
  • Accept payments for orders in any currency using international and local payment methods.
  • Automatically consider taxation peculiarities of the customer's country.
  • Sell products to renew which recurring payments are made automatically (subscriptions).
  • Use a wide range of tools to increase your sales: promotion codes, discounts, etc.
  • Fully comply with local legislative processes and regulations on personal data processing.
  • Provide your customers with multilingual support.
  • Quickly launch sales without coding.
  • Expand your capabilities by using the API.

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Tools to increase sales


  • Authentication API
    Receive a token that is later used to authorize the user when working with other API.
  • Products API
    Сreate and manage products: configure prices, subscriptions, additional products, etc.
  • Dynamic Product Checkout API
    Create one-time checkout links with additional parameters allowing you to identify product characteristics and pre-fill customer data.
  • Promotions API
    Provide customers with product discounts. Use instant discounts or use discounts activated by promotion codes (coupons).
  • Orders API
    Get order data using IDs and other characteristics. Create refund requests.
  • Subscriptions API
    Get subscription data, change or cancel subscriptions.
  • Webhooks
    Send webhooks notifying of order and subscription events to your web-service.