Subscription Statuses of Auto-Renewable Subscriptions (AR)

Possible subscription statuses:

  • Active - subscription is valid; no payment required.
  • Not paid - child order for subscription renewal has been created; child order is pending payment.
  • Cancelled - subscription deactivated.
How statuses change in case of various actions with a subscription

PMR subscriptions use the same statuses. However, after cancellation, the subscription resumption (restoration) option is not available to PMR subscriptions.

Change of status Case

A parent order is paid for, and a subscription is created. No subscription exists until the parent order is paid for.

Active ⟶ Not paid

A child order for a renewal product to renew a subscription is created. The order has not yet been paid for.

Not paid ⟶ Active

A child order for a renewal product to renew a subscription is paid for. The subscription term is extended.

Active ⟶ Cancelled

The subscription requiring no payment for a renewal (no unpaid child order is exists) is cancelled.

Not paid ⟶ Cancelled

The subscription pending payment for a renewal (unpaid child order exists) is cancelled.

Cancelled ⟶ Active

The cancelled subscription is resumed, but requires no payment for a renewal (no child order for a renewal has been created yet).

Cancelled ⟶ Not paid

The cancelled subscription is resumed and pending payment for a renewal (unpaid child order required for the subscription exists).

If a child order for a renewal product is created but is unpaid, and a subscription term is expired, then a subscription remains in the not paid status. No automatic change of status takes place.

The subscription activity is a separate attribute.  It is not a subscription status. The subscription status works with the subscription activity attribute as follows:

  • As long as a subscription is active, it is renewable. When active, the subscription can have the following statuses: Active or Not Paid.
  • When deactivating a subscription (subscription activity becomes "false"), it becomes cancelled (subscription status changes to Cancelled). 
  • When activating a subscription, it resumes after being cancelled (subscription status returns to Active or Not Paid). 



Change of subscription activity

In practice, changing the activity of a subscription is equal to executing the following actions with the subscription:

  • Cancel
  • Resume (restore)

The same requirements applied to executing these actions apply to changing the subscription activity.

More details on how it works.