Cross-Sell Offer

Additional products are products that are offered to the customer on the checkout page when purchasing the primary product.
They can be:

  • Recommended - displayed in a separate block below the cart section. The customer can add the product from the recommended block to the cart on the checkout page.
  • Mandatory - added to the cart section automatically.

For mandatory additional products, you can:

  • Forbid to remove the additional product from the cart section separately without the primary product.
  • Forbid to change quantity of recommended products. In this case, quantity of recommended products will be equal to quantity of primary products.
  • Set the price for the mandatory additional product to zero.

Examples of how to use mandatory additional products:

  • Mandatory items (distribution packages, technical support).
  • Special offer products (e.g, a product with a bigger promo discount).
  • Gifts (mandatory additional product with zero price).
Examples of setting options for recommended products

You can configure additional products:

The following information is required for configuration:

  • Primary product identifier that is if added to the checkout page makes an additional product be displayed. More than one product may be transferred.
  • Additional product identifier.
  • Additional product type (recommended or mandatory).
  • Special offer (promo) dates (from - to) during which a product will be recommended.
  • Commentary on a product recommended (100 characters max):
    Displayed in the recommendation block (if the recommended product is added to the cart, no comment is displayed).
  • If a product is mandatory, then it is possible to perform additional settings:
    • Remove the additional product separately from the primary one (yes/no).
    • Change the additional product quantity in the cart (yes/no). If not, then the additional product quantity in the cart will always be equal to the primary product quantity.

Please contact our support team if you have requests for customization of your recommendation block.