Merchant Portal

Merchant Portal allows you to effectively launch and manage your sales using Noventiq Checkout.

With the portal, you can:

  • Manage your products
    • Create product cards, customize their properties, and get direct checkout links
    • Set up automatic sale of product renewals (subscriptions)
    • Connect our order fulfillment tools to deliver your products to customers
    • Create checkout links 
  • Hold promotions
    • Add discounts to all your products or only some of them
    • Use instant discounts that are activated on the checkout page immediately, or promotion codes that customers must activate themselves
  • Connect webhooks
    • Get notified on order events in real time. Your web service receives a webhook when an order is created/a payment is made/a refund is executed/an action with a subscription is performed, etc
  • Monitor and analyze your sales
    • Monitor your sales performance using the reports that we provide to you in tables, graphs and charts
    • Compare the data received by period or by product type

Additional features (available soon):

  • Customize the display of your checkout page and emails: upload your logo
  • Change the domain name of your checkout page

If you require the setup now, please contact our support team. Our team will be happy to help.