The Dashboard provides at-a-glance views of

  • Key sales metrics such as gross and net revenues, refunds, and more.
  • Lists of best-selling products.

Reports contain information on paid orders and refunds. Please note that when generating reports, all order amounts are converted into the payout currency of your margin. The payout currency is set by your Agreement. The conversion is made at the exchange rate valid for the day when the order is placed.

  • Log in to Merchant Portal.
  • Go to Dashboard.
  • Use the filters to customize your data:
    • Select one or two periods for which you want your report to be built. If you select two periods, you can compare the performance during these periods on the same graph.
    • Breakdown the data into days or months.

You can customize how graphs are displayed. You have to:

  • Click the Edit charts button at the top of the page.
  • After that, you are in the customize mode.
  • You can also hide a graph by clicking the Hide icon at the upper-right corner of the page.
    All hidden graphs are shown below on the page in the edit mode. You can always unhide them when necessary.
  • Click the Save changes button to save your changes and exit the customize mode.