Refund Requests

You can request an order refund if the following conditions are met:

  • Order status is Paid
  • Order cost is greater than zero
  • There is no other refund request processing of which has not yet been completed. In such a case, the order will have an additional status: Refund request has been sent or Refund info is being updated

To send a request:

  • Go to the ESupport portal
  • Use the search form to find the order you need
  • Click on the Request refund button in the Total block
    If there is no button, then no request can be sent (see the conditions for sending a request above)
  • Fill in a refund reason in the window that opens
    Maximum number of characters is 500
  • Click on the Send button

After sending a refund request, the order gets an additional status: Refund request has been sent
If during processing changes happen to the order, its status will change to: Refund info is being updated

When a refund request is complete:

  • The status will change accordingly:
    • Request has been completed - refund request is fulfilled
    • Refusal to refund - refund request has been declined, for example, if the dispute cannot be resolved otherwise
  • The following notification will be sent to the email of the customer who sends a refund request:
    Subject: [Esupport] Refund request for [order id] has been completed
    Content: Your refund request for [order id] has been completed with result: [request status]
More details on refund processing