Set Up Products Fulfillment


After the customer has paid for their order, you must deliver their purchased products to them. With our automatic fulfillment tools, you can send digital licenses to your customers (text activation keys, download links).

How it works:

  • You pre-configure your license generation method. It influences what method will be used to get a license for your product.
  • After successful order payment, we automatically get the license using your chosen method and send it to the customer's email address

License generation methods:

  • Web service - we send a request to your web service to get a license (POST or GET)
  • Pre-filled list of licenses (pool) - we get the license from the pool on our end. You must first add licenses to the pool and replenish it in time
  • Web service emulator – this option is only available in test mode and is intended to demonstrate fulfillment processing. When using this method, our web service issuing test licenses will be connected to the products. Use this option if you want to test fulfillment processing: e.g. how a webhook or an email with a license are received, etc.

The fulfillment settings apply to all your products.

If none of our fulfillment method is connected, you must deliver your products to your customers yourself. More details on how it works.