[PATCH] Modify Promotion

PATCH /v1/promotion/[promotion id]

The request allows you to modify the properties of promotion.
This also includes:

  • Promotion type
  • Discount model
  • List of linked promotion codes and their type (for promotions having type "coupon")
[promotion id]
Promotion identifier.
You can get it from: Example: /v1/promotion/123456

It must be equal to "application/json".
Authorization token
  • Format: Bearer [token]
  • Where [token] is substituted by the token, value obtained through the authentication API.
The list of valid parameters is the same as in the request for creating promotions. The parameter requirements are the same, except:
  • promotion_type - required parameter
    If the value transferred does not match the current promotion type, it will change
  • promotion_name - optional parameter
  • coupons, discounts - optional parameters:
    • If the object is not transferred, the previously set promotion code/discount data is not updated
    • If the object is transferred, all the nested parameter values are fully updated with the new values. If any of the parameters is not transferred, the value changes to the default one, if provided.
      All the requirements for the parameters in the object are the same as those in the request for creating a promotion

Let us assume that you have created a lifetime promotion. This promotion has type "discounts" and a common discount amount applied to all of your products.

Request for creation: POST /v1/promotion/

 "promotion_type": "discount",
 "promotion_name": "Black Friday",
 "discounts": {
  "discount_percent": "50"

To limit the validity period of the promotion and make the promotion applicable only to a specific product, transfer the request for modification:

PATCH /v1/promotion/123456

 "promotion_type": "discount",
 "date_to": "2022-01-10T09:16:35+03:00",
 "discounts": {
  "product_id": [22222],
  "discount_percent": "50"


  • The request must include the parameter containing the type of the promotion (promotion_type).
  • All the parameters must be transferred in object "discounts", including the discount amount that does not change. Since, if there is object “discounts” (or “coupons”) present in the request, all the nested parameters are updated. If any of the optional parameters is not transferred, it is resaved having the default value.

See the additional examples of promotion modification.

In response to the request, you receive the server response code corresponding to the processing result. Depending on the code, the response body may contain additional parameters.

If processing is successful, the following will return in response server response code: HTTP/1.1 200 ОК.

The successful response returns only if the request is fully complete. In addition:

  • If the promotion uses promotional codes and the list of these codes has been modified, then:
    • All the new promotion codes have been successfully created.
    • All the previously present promotion codes have been successfully updated.
    • All the promotion codes not included in the request have been deleted. 
      If the deleted promotion code has already been applied to an order, then it is not deleted from the order (regardless of the status of this order).
      E.g., if an order was created and a discount activated by a promotion code was used, but no payment was made for the order, and the promotion code was deleted from the promotion afterwards, the discount in the order would not change. The orders having deleted promotion codes are recorded into the promotion statistics.
  • If a promotion must apply only to specific products, they all can be found and belong to you.

If an error occurs while processing the request, you receive a server response code corresponding to the result of processing. 
Depending on the code, the response body may contain additional parameters.

HTTP code Description
HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request The request is not valid (error in parameters; necessary data is not transferred, etc.).
An additional error code (one or more) will be transferred in the response bodу.
HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized Unsuccessful authorization.
An additional error code (one or more) will be transferred in the response bodу.
HTTP/1.1 404 Not found Invalid request URL or no promotion having the identifier transferred is found. If no promotion is found, an additional additional error code will return in the response body. 
HTTP/1.1 500 Request Error Internal Server Error. Please try again later or contact support.

The errors are the same as the errors you get in response to the request for creating a promotion.

The errors are the same for all the APIs that use token authorization.


Error Message Description
11200 Promotion not found: [promotion id] No promotion with the identifier transferred is found, or you do not have the rights to get the data. 
array [objects]
Error list
errors / [error object]
Error code
errors / [error object]
Error description
 "errors": [{
   "error": 11010,
   "message": "Invalid field value: date_from"
  }, {
   "error": 11010,
   "message": "Invalid field value: product_id"