Manage Subscriptions

Using the ESupport portal you can manage subscriptions in your customers' orders.

For this:

  • Go to the ESupport portal
  • Use the search form to find the order you need. For example, search by order number. There is no specific filter for searching only orders with subscriptions

Use the search form to find the desired order. For example, in the Order creation date from field, enter the current date and click the Find button to find all the orders created today. After the search is completed, the page displays the table with a list. The list contains all the orders found.
There is no specific filter to search for orders containing only subscriptions.

If an order contains a subscription product, additional information is displayed for the subscription in Order items and Order history:

  • Subscription status:
    • Auto-renewal has been activated - subscription is active, can be cancelled
    • Auto-renewal has been deactivated - subscription is canceled, can be resumed
  • History of subscription actions
  • IDs of orders related

NOTE: This data is displayed only for AR and PMR subscriptions. The rest mechanisms used for handling renewals are not subscriptions. The system creates a subscription after payment is made for the parent order. Thus, the subscription information is displayed in the parent order only if the parent order has been paid for. The information is always displayed in the child order (as the parent order was paid for and the subscription already exists).

You can perform the following actions with a subscription:

  • Cancel
  • Resume
Example of an order with an active subscription