Connect Your GTM Container

To get started you need:

After you register your account:

  • Open Tag Manager website: and log in to work with it under your Google account.
  • Create a GTM container for your checkout page in the Account Management section.
    If you create a new Tag Manager account, a new GTM container is created automatically.
    Otherwise, you have to select an account and create a GTM container in it.
    More details in Google Help: Set up and install Tag Manager
  • Copy your GTM container ID formatted as GTM-NNNNNN. You will need it later to connect GTM to the checkout page.

To connect your GTM container to the checkout page, please contact our support team. Provide the ID of your GTM container formatted as GTM-NNNNNN in your request.

After your GTM container has been connected, you can use it to set tags to track statistics.