Get Started

  • Read the documentation on how to use the API
  • Get access to the API:
    • If you are using the Merchant Portal, create accounts through section API keys to work with the API in test and production environments
    • Otherwise, contact our support team to set up access. Note that access to the API in a test environment is provided separately. If you want to use the API in a test environment, you have to clarify this when contacting our support team
  • You will be provided with connection data
  • Set up original products:
    The properties of these products will be used as default values for products having dynamic characteristics. You can create original products yourself (use our Merchant Portal or Product API) or by contacting our support team. When contacting support, you have to explain how many products you want to be added to a checkout page at the same time, and how you want us to configure the basic properties of these products
  • Develop on your end:

The following data is provided to work with the API:

  • Username and password - to authorize through the Authentication API, if you did not do that earlier when connecting to our other APIs
  • Original product IDs that can be used in the request

Original product is a product on the basis of which a product with dynamic information is added to a checkout page. You transfer original product IDs when making requests to the API.

Property values of the original product are configured by default. Several original products with different property values can be configured.

The properties of the original product that cannot be reassigned via the request to the API are listed below. All these properties will be the same for all products having dynamic information and created on the basis of this original product.

Property Description
Checkout currencies Defines the currencies in which the product can be sold. This property is filled in accordance with the agreement
Product image (Optional) Displayed for the product in the cart
Product description (Optional) If set, an icon is displayed for the product in the cart. When the icon is clicked, a description opens
Taxation Specifics
VAT charging method

Defines how VAT is added to the product price. Value options:

  • VAT is included in the price, i.e. in the cart the customer will see the price that is transferred for the product in the request.
  • VAT is added on top of the price when the product is put into the cart, i.e. one price that will get increased by the amount of the tax, when added to the cart, is transferred in the request.

This property is filled in accordance with the agreement and is the same for all the products sold under this agreement

VAT charging when selling in rubles

Only for selling the product in rubles. Value options:

  • added (according to the method selected)
  • product is not subject to VAT

This property can be overridden in the request (products.vat_included).

When selling in other currencies, VAT is always added. The rate is determined automatically and depends on the region of sale

Program availability in the Unified Register of Russian Software

Only if you are a resident of the Russian Federation and a VAT payer.
Value options:

  • program is listed on the register
  • program is not listed on the register

If a program is not listed on the Unified Register of Russian Software (, then it is subject to VAT (Federal Law No. 265-FZ)

Cart Product Display Specifics
Hide product quantity  Allows hiding product quantity in the cart.
Regardless of setting: quantity is identified from the request to the API and cannot be changed by the customer
Comments for product  Displayed next to the product name in the cart or at the bottom of the cart page next to the "continue ordering" button.
Up to 4 comments can be displayed next to the product name. Moreover, one of the comments can be displayed only if consent to automatic license renewal is enabled
Fulfillment Specifics
Product delivery method

Value options:

  • physical delivery
  • electronic delivery (license information is sent to the customer's email)

This property can be overridden in the request (products.is_delivery_needed)

Electronic delivery method

For products with the electronic delivery.
Relates to the method of automatic key receiving and sending

Renewal Settings

Subscriptions with automatic renewal are supported. More details.

Enablement of auto-renewable subscriptions If enabled, subscription data can be transferred for the product in the request (products.subscription)
Validity period

It is a period during which a customer can use their purchased product.
The original product value is used for a renewal product (child product)

Renewal name

Used in a child renewal order. This property can be overridden in the request (

Price per unit of renewal product

Used in a child renewal order. This property can be overridden in the request (products.subscription.price)