Test Webhooks

To test how a webhook works, execute the action for which you set up the webhook.

E.g., You have created an Endpoint for the event: Order created Next, you have to add a product to the shopping cart on the checkout page and place an order for this product. After your order is created, you will receive a webhook on this event to the URL you provided in the Endpoint for the Order created event.

You can also view thе statistics of webhook receipt per event.

You can use special web tools that allow you to simulate a web service for receiving webhooks. 

You have to:

  • Create a Mock Server for testing, e.g. using Postman (read the setup instructions on the Postman website).
  • An Endpoint URL is provided for this web service.
  • Create an Endpoint via Merchant Portal. Webhooks are going to be sent to this URL.
  • Execute the order action that results in a webhook being sent on the event you require.
  • Check on your web service for testing (on the website where you have created it). You must be able to see the data of the webhook received.