Manage Promotions

The list of promotions allows you to stay informed about all your promotions and to perform actions with them.

To view the list of promotions:

  • Log in to Merchant Portal
  • Go to Promotions
  • Use the search form to find a promotion by its name

The following data is displayed for each promotion:

  • Promotion type
  • Promotion status
    If a promotion is deactivated, it is marked with this icon in the list. A deactivated promotion cannot be applied to a product. Select a required option in the menu next to the promotion name if you want to change its activity status.
  • Expiration date
    If a promotion has a limited validity period, and it is past its expiration date, you will see this icon next to the promotion name in the list. You cannot apply a promotion to a product if the promotion has expired.
  • Redemptions quantity
    You can view a quantity of order items to which a promotion has been applied and redeemed. For Promotion codes, you can view the list of applied and redeemed promotion codes. To do this, click on the name of a promotion code. A warning icon 
    , may appear next to the quantity of redemptions, i.e. there are no more promotional codes to activate in a promotion. This happens if a promotion includes disposable (single-use) codes, and all of them have already been redeemed.
  • Last Edit date
    It displays the date when a promotion was last modified through the Merchant Portal. Changes in the number of uses of the promotion do not affect this date.

You can perform the following actions with any promotion:

  • Edit
  • Change status
  • Delete

To perform an action with a promotion, click on the icon  next to its name and select the action you require.

For promotions valid only on products selected, you can see examples of prices with discounts applied. To do this, go to promotion viewing and editing.

If you want to stop a promotion temporarily, you have to deactivate it.