View Promotion Redemption Statistics

You can learn the promotion redemption statistics by viewing the list of promotions. 

The following is required:

  • Log in to Merchant Portal.
  • Go to Promotions.
  • Use the search form to find a promotion by its name.

The statistics are displayed in Redemptions
You see a number of order items to which a promotion has been applied and redeemed.
The quantity of each item in the order is ignored. i.e., if a discount is applied to 1 unit or 5  units in a single order, it counts as one redemption.

A warning icon may appear next to the quantity of redemptions, i.e. there are no more promotional codes to activate in a promotion. This happens if a promotion includes disposable (single-use) codes, and all of them have already been redeemed.

A promotion is considered redeemed if the customer has created an order for a product with a promotional discount. Order payment is ignored.

Please note that if several promotions are simultaneously applicable to a product, only one of them is applied at checkout. Discounts are not cumulative.