Get Started

To start receiving webhooks:

  • Go through the integration guide.
  • Develop a web service to receive webhooks on your end. 
    NOTE: You can use an individual URL to receive a webhook per event.
  • Enable webhooks through the Merchant Portal

You can also contact our support team to enable the webhooks. You must provide the following data:

  • The events you want to monitor.
  • The URL of your web service to receive the webhooks. An individual URL can be set up to receive a webhook per event.

After the webhook connection is set up, you are provided with a secret key. This key is necessary for you to be able to decrypt the webhook signature (signature). When using individual URLs to receive the webhooks, the secret keys are provided for each of the URLs.

The main way to verify the authenticity of any incoming webhooks is to verify the unique signature (signature) these webhooks contain.

Moreover, you can use SSL certificate authorization for additional security. You must:

  • Generate on your end a certificate PEM file for the URL to which we send webhooks.
  • Contact our support team to enable your certificate.