Selling Renewals

Explore various scenarios of selling renewals for your products that have limited validity periods (limited terms):


Learn what products require renewal and what selling scenarios are available to you.
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Auto-Renewable Subscriptions (AR)

Leverage automatic recurring payments to sell renewals.
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Subscription with Free Trial Period (AR Trial)

Offer a free trial of your product or service to end customers. When the free trial ends, the product is renewed according to the automatic renewal subscription model (AR subscription).
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Pre-Filled Manual Renewal Subscriptions (PMR)

Leverage automatic scheduled creation of renewal orders. After such an order has been created, your end customer is suggested by email to pay for the order manually.
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Renewal Offer Emails

Use scheduled emails suggesting your end customers to renew purchased products. The emails contain checkout links allowing customers to purchase renewals.
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See the chapters for more details: