Choice of Product Characteristics at Checkout

This tool allows customers to select the desired product characteristics at checkout:

  • A number of devices for the license to cover
  • A license term

To select, use the drop-down lists next to the name of a product. After you have selected, the price of the product and other properties may change (e.g., a subscription gets added).

Example of View
Example of a product with a choice of characteristics

It is also possible to:

  • Show only one of the dropdown lists
  • Suggest only one value in the list (in this case the modification is blocked)

Product characteristics:

  • Product name, image and description - do not get modified when product characteristics at checkout are selected.
  • Price, discount, product comments, subscription availability and its properties can be modified when product characteristics are selected at checkout.
  • The names in the drop-down list used to select a number of devices can be renamed. E.g., by default, the number of devices is displayed in the list as: "1 PC", "2 PCs", etc., or "Any". The names can be modified to "1 user", "2 users" and "Unlimited or you can use any other names. These names are common for all products, i.e., it is impossible for one. product to have "PC" in its name and for the other to have "users".

To set up, contact our support team and specify what products and configuration options you need.

If you are using the Merchant Portal, once configured, these products will appear in the portal as separate products with the same names. You will be able to modify prices, subscription properties, and set up promotions for these products, but do not modify other product properties yourself.