How to get an invoice for ordered subscriptions

After the reporting month, an initial invoice for the services that you consumed during the month is created in the Client's Control Panel. The initial invoice does not require payment or other actions and does not affect the work of the ordered subscriptions. The initial invoice can be distinguished by the absence of the Due Date specified for it.

For some time, the Noventiq financial team will prepare a final invoice for subscriptions ordered in the past month. When the final invoice is ready, an email notification will be sent to you. There you will find a .pdf file with the invoice or a link to the document. In the client's Control Panel, the Payment date by which it must be paid (Due Date) will appear, as well as a link to download the invoice. The invoice payment term is determined by your contract.

If you have any questions regarding the invoices received, please contact the Noventiq financial team.