Resetting the Password to the Customer Control Panel

If you forgot the password to the Customer Control Panel, you can reset the password.

To reset your password:

Authorization Form

After you click on the link Forgot your password? a password reset form will be displayed:

  • Enter your email ➀ specified during the registration.
  • Click Send instructions
Password Reset Form

After clicking Send instructions in the password reset form, an e-mail with further instructions will be sent to the specified email:

  • Check the inbox of the specified email and find an e-mail with a subject: Resetting the password to the Customer Control Panel.
  • Click Reset password in the e-mail.
Password Reset Email

After clicking the link from the password reset email, a page for creating a new password will be displayed:

  • Enter a new password in the New passwordand Confirm your new password fields ➀.
    2 ways to create a password:
    • Create your own password. The password requirements are displayed in the Password requirements When a requirement is satisfied, the password is highlighted.
    • Generate a password. Click Generateto create the password automatically.
  • Don’t forget to save a new password for yourself in order to use it when signing in.
  • Click Save Password .
Create New Password Form