How to Enter a New Domain Name

You must provide a domain name to get a subscription for Microsoft SCP products. You can create a new domain or use an existing one.

Entering a Domain Name

Creating a New Domain

If you chose to create a new Microsoft domain when purchasing a subscription, enter a domain name you want to create. The domain name can contain Latin letters and/or numbers only.

Your new domain will have subdomain as default. Once your subscription is activated, you can change subdomain to your company's actual domain in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center portal ( Learn more about changing domains on the Microsoft website.

Check availability of a domain at

When you create a new domain, it will take a few days to activate your subscription as the company is under review. Once your company is verified, the subscription will activate automatically and you will receive an e-mail notification with the access to the Microsoft admin center ( and a brief instruction on how to configure the product. Contact Support if you need to check the account status.