How to Set up a Financial Notification Recipient

The financial contact allows you to assign a user who will receive notifications regarding payments and accounting documents. Only one financial contact can be assigned to an organization account.

By default, the financial contact is assigned to the Owner of the organization's account. Only users with Owner and Administrator rights can change a financial contact.

To assign another user as a financial contactyou should:

  • Firstly, add this user to your organization account. If you want a financial contact to be able only to receive notifications, but has no rights to manage subscriptions, then use the User role.
  • Choose this user as a financial contact on the account management page.
Account Menu
  • Click Notification settings tab ③.
  • In the Financial Contact drop-down list ➃, choose the user who will be assigned as the financial contact of the organization.
  • Click the button Save ⑤ at the bottom of the page.
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