How to Change the Account Owner

The owner is the only account user who has access to all operations and receives all notifications about actions performed in the account. The owner can edit the roles of other users, as well as assign a new Owner.

Only the current account Owner can change the account Owner.After the changetakes effect, the previous Owner loses access to the capabilities of this role and gets the Administrator role.

To change account owner you should:

  • Click the button Users ➂ in the top menu. The section contains a list of users who have access to the account and their roles.
  • Click on the dropdown menu ➃ of the user to whom you want to transfer the rights of the owner.
  • Choose his new role – Owner
Select new role
  • Click Confirm ➅ to approve Owner change.
Changing owner confirmation

You can also contact the Support Service to change the account Owner.