Backup Lite

When you purchased a Backup Lite subscription you will receive a separate email message from with a subject Activate account containing the following information:

  • Your login at the Management portal.
  • Activate account button. Click the button and set the password for your account. Ensure that your password is at least nine characters long. Securely save the password, because you won't see it anywhere else in the process of work.

After you activate Management Portal you will have the administrator role in all services. The management portal is a web interface to the cloud platform that provides data protection services.

While each service has its own web interface, called the service console, the management portal enables administrators to:

  • define roles and access to users,
  • control services usage (manage the service quotas for your users),
  • create user accounts and units,
  • generate reports and more.

When you purchased a Backup Lite subscription you will have free period till the beginning of the next calendar month. During the free period changing quantity of resources is unavailable. After the end of the free period, you can manage your subscription parameters in your Customer Control Panel.

View the article Changing Number of Resources.  

  • The pricing model is consumption-based in which the customer pays according to the resources used. Payment is made monthly. The final calculation is made from the maximum resources consumed per month.
  • The subscription is used free of charge until the first day of the next month. First month of usage is not chargeable, the month means period of 30 days starting the 1st of each month. If subscription is activated not the 1st please take in consideration that you will have days until 1st of the next month.
  • It is not possible to change the number of subscription resources during the free period.
  • The subscription is renewed every month automatically. If you do not want the subscription to be automatically renewed, disable the auto-renewal function in the Customer Control Panel.