How to View Resource Consumption Statistics

To view analytic reports for actually consumed resources for a specific Subscription for a certain period you should perform the following actions:

  • Log in to the Customer Control Panel ( using your personal login and password.
  • Choose Analytic section ➀.
  • Use filters ➁ to indicate particular subscription, granularity, period and other parameters.
Analytic section
General cost structure

For pay-as-you-go subscriptions (such as Azure Plan, Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud Platform) you can view daily granulated reports.


To view the report specify the subscription in Subscription dropdown menu. Set up Daily granularity.

Daily report setting

On the Upcoming expenses Tab you will see the consumption for the current month. The current consumption amount is preliminary.

Upcoming expences

On the Actual Tab specify the previous period to get the final report. You can use filters to view analytics for specific resources.

Actual report setting
Daily cost structure

You can download the data to .xlsx or .csv file by clicking the EXPORT button (available only for reports with daily granularity).

"EXPORT" button in Summary section