Satisfaction Survey

The importance of your feedback cannot be overstated. We need your help to understand what is working across our support operations and what isn’t, get the opportunity to improve on the negative and double down on the positive.

We ask you to leave a review about each ticket you raise and rate us according to several criteria:

  • Rate your overall experience with us.
  • Select specific areas, those that you feel played a key role in your experience with us.
  • Leave a comment.

Our short survey can be accessed by the link in email notification you receive for each ticket the moment it is closed, or directly from the portal.

All tickets where survey is available are marked in the Tickets list ( with a specific sign:

You can click on this red circle, and survey will be opened in a pop-up window, or open a ticket itself and start filling the survey there:

Collecting feedback is just one part of the story. But it’s what we do with your responses that matters and makes a difference.

We look at all the CSAT scores pessimistically to understand that there’s room for improvement. And we might need additional comments from our customers, so if you didn’t like something and you are not satisfied with the quality of our service, we will contact you to clarify the details.

Based on all feedbacks we receive from our customers, we create and maintain a continuous improvement plan, based on which we release new features, implement new processes, and train our teams.

Listening to our customers allow you to identify priorities for improvement!