How to Create a new Incident or Service Request

What to do when you want to report any issue or raise Service request via Noventiq Support Portal.

  • Enter your ticket details. The following fields are required:
    • Under Service, select your service package
    • Under Subject, type the essence for the issue you're having
    • Under Description, provide any additional information that will help the Support team troubleshoot the problem. Helpful information may include:
      • Steps to reproduce the issue
      • Any special circumstances surrounding the discovery of the issue (for example, the first occurrence or occurrence after a specific event, frequency of occurrence, business impact of the problem and suggested urgency)
      • Exact wording of error messages
    • Under Priority, choose a specific priority, more details about the Priority
    • Under Ticket type, choose a specific type of ticket, more details about the Ticket type
    • Attach the file if necessary
  • Click Send