One-Time Payment via Payment Forms Provided by Noventiq Payments

One-time payment is intended for making one payment.

  • Execute the authorization request to access the API (/v1/login_check).
  • Execute the payment creation request (/v1/payment). A link leading to the payment form returns in response.
  • Redirect the customer to the Noventiq Payments form, e.g., by displaying the form via a link in iframe.
    • The customer makes payment using the payment form.
      Payment processing peculiarities depend on the payment method selected.
      The customer may need to fill in some payment data when their payment is processed, e.g. bank card details may be required.
      Some payment methods may use opening of additional windows. In such a case, a window opens in the payment form.
    • If an error occurs during payment (e.g., the customer fills in their bank card details incorrectly, or there is not enough money on their card for making payments), then the error information is displayed on the payment form side.
    • After an online payment is processed successfully, the customer is redirected to your end via the link transferred in the request.
      NOTE: The payment cannot be considered completed after redirecting to successful payment URL (return_success_url). Automatic redirection only applies to online payment methods. The customer may not wait for the redirection and close the payment page. The customer may figure out the return URL themselves and follow it.
    • In case of offline payment, the customer receives a payment document using which they pay, without redirection via the link.
  • Wait until the payment is successfully completed: wait for receiving a webhook (order.payment.succeeded) or check the payment status using request for obtaining payment information.
    • If the payment is successfully fulfilled, the payment processing status will change to paid.
    • In other case the status not paid remains.
      The lifetime of a payment with "Not paid" status is 90 days. After that the status automatically changes to deleted.
Successful payment scheme