Display iFrame Payment Forms

After you have transferred the request for creating a payment and received a link to a payment form, you can display it to the customer in an iframe.

This documentation contains recommendations for implementing this method.

When creating a payment, you transfer a link in return_success_url. We redirect the customer to your end using this link after the payment has been completed.

If the payment form is displayed in an iframe on your end, the page being opened via parameter return_success_url will be displayed inside the iframe by default. Due to browser-side limitations, we are unable to initiate a refresh of the entire page in which the iframe is embedded.

Your options:

  • Add a script to your page  (return_success_url). Using postMessage, it must trigger the parent window (top window) to reboot
  • Implement repeated polling of your backend in the parent window. As soon as you receive a webhook on successful payment, reboot the parent window (top window)