Manage Webhooks

You can view all the webhooks connected and perform actions with them through the Webhooks section. You have to:

  • Log in to Merchant Portal
  • Go to Webhooks
  • You must see the list of all connected webhooks

For each webhook, you can view the following data:

  • Endpoint - The URL of your web service that receives webhooks on specific events
  • Webhook connection status
    If the event notification (webhook) is disabled, you must see the Disabled icon next to your Endpoint URL
  • Webhook receipt statistics
    Last 7 days data is shown in the following columns: Last 7 days and Error rate. More details on how the statistics are calculated

The following actions with webhooks are available:

  • Edit
  • Change status
  • Delete

To execute an action with a webhook, click on the icon next to the Endpoint URL and select the action you require.

When deleting the webhook:

  • The statistics on all the sent webhooks will be deleted
  • If any other webhook on some other orders was not sent but remained in the queue, it would also be deleted